Monday, May 19, 2014

Ozark Folk Center schedules Shape-Note Singing and Singing School July 11 and 12

Ozarks Folk Center
Thanks to Dan Brittain for passing along the following announcement from Gaylon Powell in Jarrell, Texas on the Shape-Note Singing and Singing School to be held at the Ozark Folk Center in Mountain View in July:
Shape-note singers will convene on the stage of the large auditorium at the Ozark Folk Center in Mountain View, Arkansas, on Friday, July 11 and Saturday, July 12.  A continuous singing/singing school will be led by Gaylon Powell and Dan Brittain, both well known in the nationwide (and beyond) Sacred Harp and shape-note world.   Holly Ruth Gale and Charley Sandage will assist. These sessions will run each morning and afternoon on both days from 9am to 12 Noon and from 1pm to 4pm on each day. Participating singers will be invited to join in the evening musical performance in the auditorium on Friday night.

If you plan to come to the Ozark Folk Center on those days for singing only, you can come in at no cost at the front entrance of the auditorium.  If you're visiting the craft area and want to drop in and sing or just to listen and learn, you can enter directly from the grounds through the back entrance of the auditorium.  Someone will be on hand to welcome you in traditional "all day singing" fashion.
 Additional details will be added as they become available.