Friday, July 20, 2012

Singing on July 22nd, More Cooper books, More Fans, More Things to Do

First the formal business and then the "fun stuff"

The original purpose of these monthly updates was to send a reminder to singers who attended one of our singings or other events that we would be gathering on Sunday for our monthly singing at the Shiloh Museum of Ozark History in Springdale. That's true for this Sunday, July 22nd, at 1:30 P.M. as well.

Last month, all I could guarantee was that the weather would be cooler in Springdale that it was going to be in the River Valley area. It was several degrees cooler north of the I-540 tunnel, and we had a large fan to help circulate air. This month, Gail Cowart and Bill Caldwell have volunteered to bring extra fans to help keep the cool air from the air conditioner circulating inside the store. We'll also have water and other drinks in the cooler. Cookies are always welcomed. Dress comfortably, think cool thoughts, bring your cardboard fans and we'll all gather together and enjoy singing some "cool" Sacred Harp songs during the afternoon.

Picture: We had a wonderful singing with a good turnout last month. One of the highlights was as David Moseley stood in the center of the square to lead the singing, his son decided to help, stood up and led with his father. We always have room for new talent in our group!

Additional Cooper Books have arrived

Thanks to Bill Aplin in Samson, AL, for so quickly getting a box of Cooper Books in the mail. The new books will be available on Sunday. Over time, our existing supply of Cooper Books had dwindled as more singers purchased their own copy to enjoy. The Shiloh Singers are blessed to have singers who enjoy singing from all three of the song books used in our area.

Speaking of Cooper Books, Syd Caldwell asked that I remind everyone about the the 157th East Texas Convention in Henderson, TX. This year's event is scheduled for August 11th - 12th, their usual 2nd Saturday and Sunday in August date in the Henderson Civic Center.  MapQuest says that Henderson is only six to seven hours away depending on your route and velocity. Might be something to talk about at Sunday's singing if a carload is interested in attending. More Information about the Henderson Singing and Contacts:

You can also find more Information about Sacred Harp singing in Texas:

Singing with the Dayton Ohio Group

Michele Raine sent an email with a link to an excellent National Public Radio/WYSO human interest segment about the Dayton Sacred Harp group.  The link contains a written version of the story and a button you can click lo listen to the actual audio segment which includes recordings of several tunes sung by the Dayton singers. To read the story and play the audio, visit:

For more information about the Dayton Sacred Harp including videos and their links to more Sacred Harp resources, see:

Michele, thanks for sharing. Sounds like a very lively group of singers you're singing with.

And one more thing...

Syd also sent an email last week that the museum had added our "Sacred Harp Singing in the Arkansas Ozarks" video to YouTube. I've already posted a direct link in the online resources section on the right side of each page. It's already been viewed over 65 times. If you'd like to easily share the video with friends and family, you can now just send the link on YouTube:

That's all the news I can think of at the moment. However, as you can see, your suggestions and sharing information about Sacred Harp events and news is certainly appreciated. If there's more news after the singing on Sunday, I'll update this page or publish the news in the next newsletter.

Hope to see you in Springdale on Sunday...