Thursday, December 8, 2016

Looking forward to early Christmas Singing, Dec. 11th

I'm sorry this had to be a short reminder, but I hope you can help the Shiloh Singers celebrate 2016 and the rebirth that the new year brings on Sunday afternoon, December 11th, from 1:30 to 4:00 P.M. in the General Store at the Shiloh Museum of Ozark History in Springdale. Any early arrivals are welcome to join the Singer's table at Springdale's AQ Chicken House around noon. Visitors are always welcome to join us.

Like most folks, this is a busy season with special church and school programs, trips to visit friends and relatives, end-of-the-year closeouts and celebrations. And the Shiloh Singers really do have so many things to celebrate. Shiloh Singers traveled to singings in Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas and even Europe. We enjoyed meeting many singers during our travels and meeting new singers and visitors at our local singings. Many of us have made new friends along the way. Thanks are due the Shiloh Museum who continues to help us throughout the year. There are so many people and things worthy of thanksgiving and celebrating as we bring another year to a close. God's blessings are too many to list. I hope you all enjoyed the singings and fellowship that brings us together throughout the year.

Katy & the Shiloh cat...
Three more things: 
This is the Christmas singing so feel free to bring any extra Christmas cookies (that aren't on my diet) that you might have from early Christmas parties. We'll have coffee, water, and maybe a little cold apple juice and cider if you have a good source.

Second, Singers drive in to Springdale from all directions and distances. I'll just ask that you check your local weather for driving conditions before you leave home. Springdale is predicted to be "warming with a chance of rain." But this is Arkansas. I'll still plan on bringing a little extra heat for the resident Shiloh cat and the alto section. We want to sing with all of you next year too. Drive safely.

And finally...