Friday, August 9, 2019

August 11th Singing in Springdale

Greetings Sacred Harp Friends!

I hope you've been having a lovely summer!  The major conventions in our region that I know of are over for the season, and we return to a regular fall-through-spring schedule.

Our next singing will be 1:30 pm, Sunday, August 11th at the Shiloh Museum's historic Meeting Hall in Springdale, AR.  Those interested can meet at AQ Chicken at noon for lunch. Visitors warmly welcome!

Photo: It has been a wonderful summer indeed. Syd Caldwell and Dan Brittain made it to Camp FASOLA and slowed down long enough for someone to snap a picture wearing their camp T-shirts. Syd gave a report on camp activities at the last singing. The short version is "Everyone had a good time at camp and the nearby singings scheduled before and after the camp." Wish we had more singers who could attend.

Africa's 4th Verse
Several years ago, someone passed out strips of paper with the 4th verse of "Africa," number 178 in The Sacred Harp. Responding to a request by the alto section, The words from the 4th verse have been copied below in two lines so singers could write in the words below the bass clef if they wish: 

    4. "No,"  saith  the  Lord,   My stead-  fast  love  nev  -   er  fail    or  change!

Deep  on   the  palms    of   both     My    hands   I   have    en-   graved  your name.

And yet another storm...
Several locations in NWA have received as much as 6 inches of rain according to Station KFSM TV-Channel 5 and the Weather Channel this morning. A festival in Springdale received heavy rains, several low water bridges have been damaged in Crawford County and there were flooded roads and homes in eastern Crawford County. In Mountainburg, electricity has been restored, Pigeon Creek overflowed its banks and the Pigeon Creek Free Will Baptist Church was flooded and their community food bank supplies, on the side of the church next to the creek, were damaged or washed away. Pigeon Creek Road and several other streets and roads in the Mountainburg area have been closed due to flooding. Channel 5 News, already has reports and pictures posted of damage in the area. No reports of injuries so far. We are grateful for that.  ~  BR

At least Sunday, August 11th looks like clear and sunny weather. Stay on the high ground if you can and we hope to see you Sunday for the August singing.