Friday, November 2, 2012

Monthly singing moved to 2nd Sunday of the month at NWA Fall Singing Convention

I have always marveled how Sacred Harp Singings, the annual inch-thick book that contains the minutes of our various singing events covers so much in such compact form. When you see next year's minute book, with the record of Saturday's singing, you'll find only a single mention of the discussions regarding changing the Sunday of the month when we sing.
"[W]e completed a discussion by agreeing to change our regular monthly singing to the 2nd Sunday of the month, effective in November."  
As one of those who followed some of those discussions during the previous two months, I can add that we tried to consider everyone's input and schedules in the decision process. Mentions on the website and online discussions moved to conversations during Saturday's breaks, then at lunch and finally during the business portion of the meeting. In a surprise twist, it seemed that the best monthly singing date, the one that most people thought they could attend on a regular basis, was the 2nd Sunday of each month.

Thus the Shiloh Singers will be singing on November 11th and December 9th. Please mark your calendars accordingly. You'll also find the date changes noted in the calendar section . The change to the 2nd Sunday certainly solves our yearly conflicts with Thanksgiving and Christmas plus several local events on the 3rd and 4th Sundays. 

The only potential conflict noted was the Missouri State Singing Convention on March 9th & 10th and Mother's Day on May 12th. Well, we have a few months to work on something creative for the Missouri State Convention in March. The Missouri State Convention is one of the best regional conventions in our area each year. We usually have a good representation from the Shiloh Singers at the Missouri event

The NW Arkansas Fall Sacred Harp Singing Convention

If you missed the singing at Mt. Comfort Presbyterian Church in Fayetteville on October 27th, the weather was a little chilly but Rev. Randi Henderson and members of the congregation provided a warm welcome and extended their hospitality to singers from Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri and of course, Arkansas. The Shiloh Singers once again proved they have plenty of good cooks and while the weather suggested we eat inside, there were more choices of main dishes and desserts than would fit comfortably on a single plate.

Singers at the NW Arkansas Singing Convention on 10/27/12.
Dan Brittain, having just returned from singing in the United Kingdom and Poland, noted the European custom of not only remembering departed singers and those sick or unable to attend in the memorial service. The singers in the UK and Poland also offer a thanksgiving for recent blessings. It seemed like a tradition worthy of sharing. We all have so many reasons to be thankful.

Sharing Sacred Harp Singings

Syd Caldwell mentioned that he had several non-commercial CDs and DVD to share from singings around the country. He wanted to know if anyone might like a copy to play or just sing along with while traveling or working. I'll make a note to bring my laptop and speakers to the November 11th singing so that we can preview a few of the songs during our break and people can sign-up for a copy which can be distributed at the December singing. 

Oh, one more thing...

Our special thanks to the members of Mt. Comfort Presbyterian Church for all their hospitality for the past two years. The church had their Fall Festival and Chili Supper later the same afternoon.
Rev. Randi and family arrived in Iowa safe and sound at the church she will now serve, and we wish her all the best at her new church. Thanks to all the singers who attended, the cooks and all who worked to make the annual Fall singing a special event.